le lieu

the beauty

"Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed."


name: Le Lieu

pronouns: (they/them/theirs)

AGE: 20

class: pilot

ALIGNMENT: chaotic good

ROMANCE: orasmyn

RELATIONSHIP: I wanted to hurt you but the victory is that I could not stomach it.

family: hanh lieu (mother, deceased), cao lieu (father, deceased), oanh huynh (cousin)


HEIGHT: 5' 3''

eye color: a deep brown

hair: oily and black, draped down to the small of their back

ethnicity: vietnamese

scars: cat scratch on the eyebrow, fourteen scars across their cheeks, all parallel lines that still haven't knit together yet--wounds enchanted to remain gaping open and red

characteristics: narrow, slanted eyes with wide irises that nearly swallow up the sclera.

aspects: quick, silver-tongued, charming


traits: self-preservation replaced with self-destruction. capricious and loyal.

LIKES: the smell of rain on wet pavement, the iridescence of gasoline spills, the stars that manage to shine through the smog, motes of dust in the sunlight

DISLIKES: humid days when the air sticks to skin, when it's like sweating through a cloud's constant embrace; the feeling of water drying on the body after a shower, in the moments before you towel off; the clap of thunder during a storm, when it feels like that sound could swallow the world


the beast

"I take the parts that I remember and stitch them back together to make a creature that will do what I say or love me back."


names: orasmyn, jasmine

pronouns: (she/her/hers)

AGE: ageless. frozen in time since 21

class: mech

ALIGNMENT: neutral evil

ROMANCE: le lieu

relationship: I say I want you inside me and you split me open with a knife.

family: all deceased centuries ago


HEIGHT: 6'1"

eye color: a pale brown, weak like tea

body: armored head-to-toe in a mecha rig that can be compact or expanded. the compact form clings to the silhouette of the body and its great curved back, scalemail covering the throat. in order to reach the expanded form, the armor has to activate its enchantment to transform the flesh of the beast into a mechanical rig. the unarmored body is covered in a velvety thick fur coat that is a glossy, luminous black and turns into a bluish feathery down all along her long neck, which ends in a brown, human face with faint cheekbones and a strong nose.

ethnicity: persian

scars: a long deep scar along her underbelly--an evisceration scar

characteristics: wide, round eyes, powerful brow, full lips

aspects: intimidating, perceptive, devoted


traits: meticulous, playful, sensitive. strong sense of self-preservation. self comes first and foremost.

LIKES: the rose-red sky at dawn, the sharp beauty of poisonous plants, knifepoint briars, dandelions gone to seed carried by the wind

DISLIKES: fire, heat, the ugly truth of bloodshed